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Dragon2000 Reveal New Features For Car Dealers And Garages In 2024

14th February 2024

Dealer Management System, Car Dealer Website and Mobile App provider Dragon2000 are delighted to reveal some new features for 2024, in the latest version release of the award-winning DragonDMS.

The DragonDMS has more features than ever to ensure your business can continue to run as smoothly as possible while helping you to save time and money across the year.

Whats New In The 2024 Dragondms For Car Dealers And Garages

Email Integration

The email capabilities within the DragonDMS have been greatly enhanced for 2024. Previously, email messages could be generated from within the dealer management system, with the customer email address, subject, message text and attachments added automatically, ready for the user to press send.

Now, with our new email integration, the DragonDMS can also pull in the content of emails both sent to and received from your customers. By simply linking your business email address to the DragonDMS, the content of email messages to and from customers are integrated into the system and stored as notes in the customer record, undoubtedly saving time and benefitting dealerships and garages.

The DragonDMS will only pull in emails where a matching customer email address is stored against the customer in the dealer management system – emails from other addresses are ignored, ensuring only actual customer communications are integrated and stored to be referred back to.

This new integration ensures there’s no more risk of missing any emails from customers in busy inboxes, or valuable time spent wasted copying messages into notes, as the DragonDMS will conveniently be keeping all customer communication in the same place.

Card Payment Integration

If you’re already taking advantage of the online card payment integration in the DragonDMS, which allows customers to conveniently pay their invoices online from wherever they’re located, then you can now customise the text message which is sent to customers along with their payment link, offering them a more personalised experience. This can also be used as an opportunity to upsell your products or services within the text message to further increase your profits.

Image Editor

Car dealers looking to save time editing their vehicle images before uploading to advertisers, or their own website, can now speed up the process with the ability to edit multiple photos at once using Dragon2000’s image editor. Instead of having to open and edit each image separately, dealers can now conveniently add watermarks, banners and preset styles to a group of selected photos in one action, which means they’re ready to go online much sooner to begin attracting fresh enquiries. The photo upload process itself has also been improved for 2024 to ensure faster loading times for dealerships using the image editor, which is accessible from within the DragonDMS.

And Much More!

We’ve also added some field customisation options to vehicle sales invoices and introduced the ability to manage the list of advertisers that users can select from, so dealers can now make changes to suit their business if needed, depending on where they are advertising their vehicles.

Other new additions to the latest version of the DragonDMS include the ability to copy customer contact details from pending enquiries to save you time, colour-coded MOT due dates for easy identification, customisable fields in your contact records to personalise your CRM, improvements to the Workshop Loading split job feature and more!

Coming Soon…

Garages and service centres are set to benefit from new improvements coming soon to the Workshop App, designed to further improve the efficiencies of your staff. Checking customers into the workshop from the mobile app, more detailed job cards, the ability to geo fence technicians and more will be revealed in due course.



If you’re looking for a dealer management system to revolutionise the way you run your business, or you’re an existing user with questions about any of our new features, please contact our sales team on 01327 222 333 or sales@dragon2000.co.uk for more information.

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