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Dragon2000 Announce New Auto Trader Live Integration With DragonDMS

9th March 2020

Dragon2000 are excited to reveal a brand new dealer management system integration with Auto Trader, which will make advertising and updating stock even easier for car dealers and van dealers.

Vehicle Data Lookup – included with DragonDMS

DragonDMS is now able to return the vehicle details from Auto Trader including model descriptions, making advertising on Auto Trader even easier as the models will always match Auto Trader’s data.

The full MOT history is also included, showing when they were carried out, the result, the mileage and the MOT Test Number. It also gives the details of any advisories, and whether they were judged to be dangerous. The past results of MOTs gives dealers a good indication of how the vehicle has been maintained and also its current condition.

Dates of ownership changes are also returned and displayed within the vehicle record, along with basic checks showing if the vehicle is an insurance write-off, has been scrapped, stolen or imported/exported.

Dragon2000 Announce New Auto Trader Live Integration With The Dragondms

Optional Integrations Now Available

We now have several new options detailed below, which will allow dealers to update their stock on Auto Trader’s portal in real time, manage which vehicles are advertised and also access suggested pricing information – all within the DragonDMS, without the need for re-keying information or checking statuses elsewhere.

Auto Trader Portal – Live Updates

Within the DragonDMS, dealers can efficiently manage their stock to be advertised, thanks to the new live optional integration with their Auto Trader portal displaying advert statuses. With a click of a button in the DMS, dealers can choose which vehicles to publish adverts for and which to just show within the Auto Trader portal, which updates instantly.

Vehicles with a capped status are also displayed, giving dealers the chance to more intelligently manage which vehicles to advertise if theirs are capped at a set number of adverts.

The advantage of using the DragonDMS over other systems that only feed Auto Trader up to 3 times a day, is that this live integration means that all stock updates happen in real time – so prospective customers are presented with up to date Auto Trader adverts as soon as the changes are made in the DMS, saving hours of time and potential mistakes switching between systems and re-entering information.

Vehicle Specification Lookup and Auto Trader Valuations

Dealers will also have the option of carrying out a specification lookup within the DragonDMS using Auto Trader data which will return the standard specification, and also allow the dealer to choose from the non-standard options available for that vehicle.

The DragonDMS also integrates with Auto Trader Valuations, allowing dealers to get a current adjusted value for a vehicle which also reflects any non-standard specification the dealer has added. Auto Trader’s new “AT Retail Rating” that is based on latest buyer demand and market supply is also returned into the DragonDMS vehicle stock record giving dealers even more relevant information to base their pricing decisions on.

This works with pre-purchased credits to use on an individual basis when creating vehicle records in the DragonDMS.

Auto Trader Retail Accelerator Data Integration

Additionally, for dealers that subscribe to Auto Trader’s Retail Accelerator product, Dragon2000 can offer a further integration of live valuations based on latest retail prices from Auto Trader. Updated hourly, dealers can view the current suggested price within the DragonDMS for each stock vehicle and decide if they wish to change their advertised price to match.

This means dealers can quickly update any pricing that may no longer be competitive as market conditions change – particularly useful for dealers with a high level of stock as advert prices can be changed in bulk in the DragonDMS if required – and the pricing history of all changes the dealer has actioned is also recorded against each vehicle.


The new integrations with Auto Trader’s data insights means that dealers have even more vital information at their fingertips within the DragonDMS dealer management system, giving them access to the latest market pricing information to help improve their stock turn and profitability.

We have been working closely with Auto Trader’s development team for some time on this project, and we are currently trialling the new live integration with a select number of dealers using the DragonDMS ahead of making it available to all users in the coming weeks.



Dragon2000 have been helping dealers and garages drive their businesses forward since 1995. Talk to our team today on 01327 222 333 or email sales@dragon2000.co.uk to find out how our dealer management system, car dealer websites and mobile apps can help your business increase profits and reduce costs.

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