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Dragon2000 Announce E-Sign Integration To Help Digitalise The Car Sales Process

23rd November 2020

Dragon2000 are pleased to announce a new dealer management system integration with E-Sign, our second digital document signing DragonDMS integration this year, following our development of the Docusign integration at the beginning of June.

Digital signatures have proven to be a popular solution for dealerships recently, as the convenience has allowed car dealers to maximise vehicle sales and communicate with customers throughout these unprecedented times, while the digitalisation of vehicle order forms and invoices has helped to speed up the sales process.

Dragon2000 Announce Dms Integration To Help Digitalise The Car Sales Process

The optional E-Sign integration enables vehicle order forms and invoices to be sent out from within the DragonDMS directly to your customers via email, requesting their digital signature before automatically logging it within your dealer management system. The status of these documents will also be updated within the DragonDMS so that your staff know when it has been signed, allowing them to quickly and easily track the progress of the sale.

Eliminating the need for paperwork at this stage saves your dealership time and helps to digitalise the sales process as more and more car dealers are looking to offer customers contactless services, such as the ability to buy online and click & collect.



For more information about the new E-Sign integration or to find out more about the DragonDMS dealer management system, please contact our sales team on 01327 222 333 or email sales@dragon2000.co.uk.

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