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Data Security: Managing User Logins

19th February 2016

When a member of staff leaves or is ‘asked to leave’, this should trigger an important process within the dealership to secure company data and prevent access to systems within the business.

Some businesses operate a global password policy, whereby everyone logs into the software using the same password.

Some software products only work this way and this can cause potential issues:

  • The need to change the password for everyone, every time someone leaves employment.
  • Unable to identify individual user’s actions within the software.

In the case of businesses using Dragon2000, each member of staff has its own username and password, which means only individual passwords need to be changed and individual’s actions can be traced throughout the software.

What you should do when a staff member leaves:

Upon an individual leaving, their Dragon2000 password should be changed immediately.Furthermore, if the individual was potentially aware of other passwords in use throughout the company, then it is prudent to change these passwords as well. Consider what other access codes, keys the individual had access to and act accordingly.

Dragon2000 recommends avoiding sharing user names and passwords. Dealer Management Systems that operate that way should be avoided.



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