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5 Timesavers Of Using A Modern Dealer Management System

24th November 2023

Car dealers and garages should be evolving with technology and regularly reviewing their processes if they want to remain as efficient and productive as possible. If your dealer management system (DMS) is rarely updated by your provider, it won’t be keeping pace with the latest key features, changes in legislation and data security practices.

Your DMS provider should be constantly improving and developing new features, while discovering ways to make daily tasks even easier over time, so that the software evolves alongside the needs of dealerships and garages. Integrated add-ons such as websites and mobile apps are also great ways to improve your processes and save lots of time for your staff. If this doesn’t describe your experience with your current dealer management system, then it is time to look at more modern systems which are continuously improving.

5 Timesavers Of Using A Modern Dealer Management System

To help you identify what you should be looking for in a modern dealer management system, here are 5 quick timesaving features that can make a big difference to your efficiencies:

Advertising Stock

When you want to advertise vehicles on third party platforms, advertiser integrations will save you time from double-keying information. If you have adverts on Auto Trader, you can even benefit from their live dealer management system integration, which ensures that any changes you make to a vehicle record will instantly reflect on their website to keep the details accurate.

If you opt for a dealer management system supplier who also provide integrated car dealer websites, then advertising vehicles on your own website can easily be done with just the click of a button in your software. Using a DMS that’s integrated with your website means the information that already exists in your vehicle records can be pulled through to create professional adverts online, with any future updates to the vehicles automatically updating online.

Managing Leads

Enquiries coming from advertisers or an integrated website, such as through contact forms, live chat messages and finance applications, would be a great help if they are integrated into a modern dealer management system, putting an end to the days of logging in and out of different platforms to identify any leads. Having these enquiries automatically stored in your DMS also means you no longer need to risk losing leads, which can easily happen from accidentally overlooking an email in your inbox or misplacing details written down on paper.

Overseeing Departments

User-friendly dashboards in a state-of-the-art dealer management system would allow employees to quickly see the key information relevant to their roles in the sales or service department, such as open leads, reminders, recently added vehicles, bookings for the day and more. Permission settings would be required to ensure members of staff only see certain information, which tailors their experience to only seeing data that is relevant to their role within the business. These types of dealer management systems can also offer you an immediate insight into how your company is performing overall, if statistics are available to easily check at a glance.

Receiving Payments

If you’re using a modern dealer management system with an online card payment integration, this can allow your dealership or garage to receive customer payments from anywhere at any time. Generating online payment links in your DMS to simply email or text unique URLs to your customers so that they can pay their invoices securely from their internet browser, from wherever they are located and at the earliest convenience, speeds up the transaction process for everyone involved.

Creating Deals

Building vehicle deals in front of your customers in the showroom using a dealer management system is a great way to speed up sales, while also helping car buyers to clearly understand what their deal consists of as you break down the individual costs in their package. DMS providers which offer finance integration to produce live finance quotes, that you can add to deals, can help vehicle buyers to realistically consider the affordability of their desired vehicle.


Dragon2000’s dealer management system, the DragonDMS, features all of the above timesaving features and is continuously evolving. Our software has been helping car dealers and garages across the UK since 1995 and has been carefully crafted with first-hand experience of working in the motor trade and running dealerships at the highest level. With integrated websites and mobile apps to help take your business to the next level and outstanding support that can assist you every step of the way, it’s no wonder that over 1,000 automotive businesses are currently using the DragonDMS.



If you’re interested in Dragon2000’s award-winning dealer management system, then please contact our team at sales@dragon2000.co.uk or call 01327 222 333.

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