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World-renowned DragonDMS customer continues to grow

5th August 2016

DragonDMS customer Chelsea Truck Company continued their ever-growing exhibition presence last weekend with a trip to the 25th anniversary of the Billing Land Rover Festival.

Since its inception in 1991, the annual event has cemented itself as the original Land Rover show, so much so that over 20,000 4×4 enthusiasts turned up to this year’s edition which was hosted over the dates of the 29th to the 31st of July.

Staged at the picturesque Billing Aquadrome in Northampton, just a 20 minute drive from our own head offices, the festival was seen as the perfect sales opportunity for Chelsea Truck Company, the sister company of world-renowned Kahn Design who have been utilising our Dealer Management System for over ten years now.

Explaining their presence at the event, Sales Director Joseph Lomas said: “Whereas other shows we visit, like the Geneva Motor Show and London Motor Show for example, are great exposure for our brand, Billing Land Rover Festival provides us with a great sales opportunity.

“We also use it as a chance to get some feedback from real motoring enthusiasts.

“ You have to be always willing to listen and open to change.”

DragonDMS Customer Continues To Grow
Chelsea Truck Company at the Billing Land Rover Festival


Kahn Design, the company behind Chelsea Truck Company, have encountered remarkable growth since they first started designing and manufacturing high-end cars back in 2003, with them having predominantly focused on alloy wheels beforehand.

Whilst using the DragonDMS software, which they first implemented back in 2006, Kahn Design have gone on to become a house-hold name, particularly in the world of 4x4s, with their custom made off-road vehicles appearing in the blockbuster Hollywood film, ‘The Edge Of Tomorrow’ starring Tom Cruise, and receiving rave reviews from the critically-acclaimed TopGear.com.

Explaining the role that DragonDMS has played in their remarkable success, Joseph said: “It is an extremely intuitive system, which is very user-friendly, especially for independent dealers.

“You find that with a lot of Dealer Management Systems nowadays, they are geared towards working for big motor groups. DragonDMS gives you all the reporting functions you need without being overly-complicated.

“Certainly for independent dealers, DragonDMS is the choice.”

In terms of the motor trade industry in general, the Yorkshire-based Sales Director believes ever-progressing technology will continue to play an important part in how the industry shapes up.

On how technology has already played a part in the motor trade business, he said: “Long gone are the days of where a salesperson’s sole job was to convince the customer what they are selling is good value for money.

“With access to price comparison sites like never before, the customer can work out for themselves whether it is a fair price or not. Nowadays, a lot more of the focus is on making sure the product fits all the wants and needs of the customer.

“Certainly the change has led to a more professional industry, which can only be a good thing.”

One of the most important technological aspects to be introduced in to the industry in recent times has been the use of video, a feature that Dragon2000 strongly believes in with its free mobile app, Dragon APPraise, allowing customers to record and send Sales and VHC videos directly to customer’s phones in an attempt to increase trust and provide further upselling opportunities.

Regarding the role of video, Joseph was sure that the trend would only continue to grow and explained how his company utilise video on a day-to-day business.

He said: “We often do personalised sales videos or visuals for customers, especially due to our bespoke nature.

“Customers expect a personalised service nowadays, we much prefer to do vehicle walk-rounds than just loading stock videos on to a vehicle page.”



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