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Windows 10 Update

9th June 2016

If like quite a few Windows users, you have found yourself suddenly presented with Windows 10 on your device without even realising you had sanctioned the download, you are probably wondering what impact this will have on your existing software programs.

As part of Microsoft’s plans to help its customers ‘take advantage of the most secure, and most productive Windows’, Microsoft set its new 10 download to ‘recommended’ rather than ‘optional’. This means that Windows 7 or 8 users who have automatic updates switched on (as many of us would by default to keep our system up-to-date) would be presented with a message informing them that Windows 10 was installing.

While you do have a month to revert back to your previous version of Windows, if you are planning to stick with Windows 10 you may want to know how this affects your use of DragonDMS and other software you may be running.

There is one change that we’ve become aware of in the new operating system that might catch you out. Upon downloading Windows 10, by default your date format will be set to the United States version (MM, DD, YYYY). Not very helpful if you don’t live in America.

Subsequently, if you didn’t notice this and, for example, performed a search of invoices from the 1st of June in the traditional English format of 01/06/2016, your search would actually return a result of the 6th of January because of the default US settings. Fortunately, the fix is very quick and straightforward. To revert back to your previous date format simply click Start, open the Control Panel, and then go to Clock, Language, and Region. Inside here you should open Region and Language, where you need to choose English – United Kingdom from the available choices. This will automatically alter your time and date format on your computer and avoid any further confusion.



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