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Why Should Car Dealers Send Personalised Sales Videos?

19th April 2023

The popularity of sales videos has increased in recent years, as enquiring customers adapt with modern technology to complete more of the buying process themselves at home before they even consider setting foot in a dealership.

While this change in buying habits reduces physical interaction time between your sales staff and your prospects, personalised sales videos are the perfect solution to allow you to still interact and build a relationship with customers who are enquiring about vehicles from the comfort of their living rooms.

Upon receiving a new sales enquiry, taking a mobile phone out on the forecourt and recording a video of the vehicle of interest will provide more detail for your customers than standard stock images can manage. Sales videos can offer a much clearer understanding of the car’s size while giving you the chance to cover the key vehicle features one by one, providing your prospects with more reasons to visit the showroom in person.

Additionally, if you introduce yourself to customers at the start of the recording and commentate throughout, this will give you a chance to build rapport at an early stage and offer your prospects a familiar name they can ask for when they decide to visit the dealership, instantly creating a connection with your business. The commentary on your videos is also likely to keep your prospects more engaged with your content, so this is a good chance to answer and expand on any pending questions from the initial enquiry.

Why Should Car Dealers Send Personalised Sales Videos

The Dragon2000 APPraise mobile app lets your sales team record and send personalised videos to enquiring car buyers, giving them full confidence in your stock when they can see the condition up close in video format, which can then entice them onto the forecourt for a test drive or even lead to them reserving the vehicle!

APPraise is fully integrated with the DragonDMS dealer management system, which means your sales team can simply select the prospect’s desired vehicle from within the mobile app and instantly begin recording their own personalised sales video with the press of a button.

The easy-to-use process even lets you stitch multiple videos together if you would rather not record everything in one take. The final footage can then be sent via text or email to your prospect as a website link, which will open the video in your customer’s internet browser on your dealership’s own branded landing page, with all of your contact details on display.

A notification will alert your sales team when the video has been watched for the first time, signalling the perfect opportunity for them to pick up the phone and make contact. Videos sent from APPraise can be watched as many times as the customer wishes, giving them complete freedom to explore the vehicle over and over again until their decision has been made. You can even see the total amount of times your video has been viewed to get an idea of the level of interest shown by your prospect.

Personalised sales videos are a proven success in the APPraise mobile app, with over 42,000 videos recorded in total so far by car dealers using Dragon2000’s products to help increase their sales conversions and build trust with enquiring customers.



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