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Why Should Car Dealers And Garages Avoid Generic Website Content?

30th September 2022

Easy and instant access to an online world of car dealership and garage content can lead to multiple businesses having almost identical websites, with some opting for templated sites using generic text and images instead of uploading their own unique material.

In the final blog of this 3-part dealer website series, Dragon2000 are looking at why it is important to create your own website content and why opting for generic text and images will cause more harm than good for your business in the long run.

Once the decision has been made to create a new website to advertise your services, browsing through competitor websites will allow you to understand how others in the motor trade are marketing themselves online and give you plenty of inspiration. However, when it’s time to produce your own dealership or garage content, completely original text and images need to be used to reflect the fact that your business is one of a kind. If you’re not appearing to be a unique business, then there’s no motivation for online customers to use your services over the competition, which can result in less leads.

Why Car Dealers And Garages Should Avoid Using Generic Website Content

Copying other businesses text and using images found on the internet can also land you in hot water with copyright issues and is therefore best avoided on a professional website. Generic text from basic template websites is instantly recognisable, with bland statements often thrown together in a bid to appeal to as many customers as possible. There can be questions over your legitimacy if you follow this process and tell your online audience basic information with no detail to back it up, such as simply stating that you’re local and trustworthy. Instead, consider adding detail to your text by mentioning how long you have been trading, when the company was founded and why you’re in the motor trade. These details will support your statements and boost your appeal not just with customers, but also with Google.

Search engines favour the use of completely original content on your website. When multiple companies use the same information to sell their services online, Google will immediately notice this and see you as a less reliable source, so you can expect to drop several positions on the rankings if you’re sharing copy with another dealership or garage.

The images on your website should always be unique to your business, as there is no better way to stand out from the competition than by uploading content that no other dealership or garage can use. The appeal of stock image websites can be tempting, however, even with the millions of images readily available to download, once you narrow the search down to dealerships or garages with a resemblance to the UK environment, the choice suddenly becomes very limited and the chances are you’ll be looking at using the same stock image as a competitor.

Uploading your own images to your website shows transparency with your business as you begin to build trust with your online audience at the earliest opportunity, showing customers that you are proud of your company. Introducing customers to photos of your staff and premises on the website will ensure they arrive at your dealership or garage already feeling comfortable through that familiarity generated from your online content, leading to a better customer experience and potentially repeat business.



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