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Video Walk Around Is The Way Forward

16th July 2013

We all know the famous saying ‘a picture paints a thousand words’, well a video can say a whole lot more and possibly reduce your appointment no-shows.

A common problem many dealerships face is the number of potential customers just not turning up for pre-booked appointments and test drives.

Video Improves Appointment Rates

Having photographs of the cars you have for sale on your website is paramount to engaging the customer, but having a video of each car has been seen to have a positive impact on people turning up for appointments and test drives and therefore an improvement on sales figures too.

The video itself does not have to be long, making it short and snappy and to the point is probably better to prevent watchers from getting board. Ideally the better quality video you can produce, the more professional it will look which will reflect well on your dealership.

Perhaps consider hiring a videographer who may be able to give you a few tips. Ensure the video focuses on the cars best points and most saleable features; there is no point in filming a tiny boot space if the car is supposed to be family friendly. Equally, not showing important parts of the vehicle could also have a detrimental effect.

Why not give it a go and see if you have an improvement in appointment turn up rates and sales.

To see an example of a good video walk around, click here.



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