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Sage50 Integration – Most Common User Issues

13th May 2013

Sage 50 Integration in DragonDMS is very straightforward for all of your garage invoicing needs. The system simply takes all of your invoice transaction data and transfers it into Sage in order to produce an accurate and up-to-date set of accounts.

Our support team regularly answer questions relating to Sage 50 Integration and issues that customers come up against. We have listed the three most common issues that come up on a frequent basis.

1. Sage Integration Date – only transactions dated on or after your Sage Integration date will be posted into Sage. If you backdate any transactions in DragonDMS to a date prior to your integration date, you must enter these into Sage manually.

2. No Nominal Codes – check in the relevant record to see whether or not the nominal codes for the transaction have been entered correctly. ‘Null’ means blank when referring to data.

3. Are You All Finished? – ensure that no one else is using DragonDMS when you run the integration to Sage as this may result in an incomplete transaction which will not be posted. Running the integration again will then post the completed transaction.

After you have completed a Sage Integration, you may find that you get a ‘Sage transactions not posted’ report.

This is a list of transactions that don’t meet the criteria for posting, usually because something is missing. All entries on this report need to be resolved to ensure accurate accounts.

The Reference and Detail columns in the report will help you determine which transactions have not been posted and each section of the report explains how you can resolve them.



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