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Most Popular UK New Car Colours Revealed

17th January 2018

You can have any colour you want….”so long as it’s black”, is the fabled Henry Ford quote.

Over 100 years later, a new report published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) shows it was back to black once more for new cars last year, with it being the most popular colour of all cars registered in the UK during 2017.

Topping the new car colour charts for the first time in 5 years, more than half a million black cars were registered, while the previously favoured white now sits in third behind grey.

Monochrome colours continue to dominate, with the report showing almost 60% of all new cars being black, grey or white. By region, if you want to know what is most popular in your neck of the woods, black is the favourite in the South and the West, with grey in the East, but in the North of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, white still tops the charts.

Primary colours haven’t featured in the top three for seven years. Red has fallen even more out of favour with car buyers, having dropped out of the top five this year behind silver, failing to account for even one in ten new registrations. Blue is the only primary colour to make the top five and is noticeably more popular in Northern Ireland and Wales, where it ranks third in those areas.

With manufacturers offering more colour options than ever, it is interesting to see that the plainer colours are more popular, which is perhaps down to consumers considering better resale values.

There is definitely an increase in those who let their heart rule their head with a more striking colour choice, with colours such as orange and bronze having reached their highest ever positions in the top ten, while the demand for a gold car has shot up almost 20%.

Brown cars are steadily going out of fashion however, with a fall of just over 33%. Having ranked 8th and 9th in the two years prior to these findings, it now doesn’t feature in the top ten at all.

With the lowest figures since 2011 and only 1327 being registered in 2017, perhaps pink will make a comeback in 2018!



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