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Personalised Sales Videos: An Important Step In The Vehicle Sales Process

24th June 2020

Getting customers onto your dealership forecourt is going to be a challenge now more than ever, especially since consumers in recent years have been swaying more towards online and digital methods for buying cars, primarily for their convenience.

The extraordinary situation we have all found ourselves in recently has undoubtedly accelerated this need and preference for your prospective customers wanting to carry out as much of the buying journey online as possible.

Video has been growing in popularity to be able to show customers browsing your website their desired vehicle in detail, with generic videos displayed alongside photographs. However, when your enquiring customer isn’t able to meet you face-to-face to see the vehicle they are interested in, a great way of keeping them engaged in the process and helping your sales conversion rate is to send them a personalised sales video.

Sending Sales Videos With The Appraise App And Dragondms Dealer Management System

How can personalised sales videos help?

Our sales app, APPraise, allows you to record and send a personalised video of a vehicle directly to your customer’s mobile phone, providing a unique experience for them by showing every angle of the car, which is not possible with photos alone. You can also give a running commentary as you record the video, answering any questions the customer might have had, whilst you show them the car and highlight the selling points.

This can help to speed up the sale process and give your prospective customer complete confidence that the car condition is as described, as they have seen it for themselves on their mobile phone. Customers are also much more likely to have the confidence to then visit your showroom in person, or agree to purchase on a click and collect or delivery basis, based on what they have seen.

The customer can watch your video as many times as they like, which can help if they want to refer back to it to help them decide whether or not to progress the sale.

How does it work within the APPraise app / DragonDMS dealer management system?

The APPraise app works on Apple and Android devices and is fully integrated with the DragonDMS dealer management system. Simply choose the stock vehicle within the app, click to create a sales video and away you go – the whole process is really intuitive and easy to use.

You can record one video or create multiple videos and stitch them all together, before sending the link to your customer via SMS text or email. This link will then open on your dealership’s own personalised landing page, containing the video and all of your contact details.

When the customer plays the video, you’ll be notified that the video has been watched – making it an ideal time to call to agree the sale or next steps! You will be able to track and manage the enquiry from beginning to end, with the video also being attached to the DragonDMS prospect and vehicle records. The number of views of the video are also recorded, so you can see how many times it has been watched.

The personalised sales videos feature of the APPraise app is a must-have tool for dealers embracing online methods and is a great way to help increase your sales conversions and also increase trust with your new prospects.



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