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New MotorSpecs Specification and Provenance Integration with DragonDMS

17th December 2018

Dragon2000 have teamed up with MotorSpecs to offer DragonDMS users an alternative to the existing Cap HPI and Experian services they already offer. UK registered vehicles can be quickly and accurately identified by using the UK’s largest VRM linked database, making it easier for your staff and customers to access all the information needed to help speed up the sales process.

Integrated into the DragonDMS, MotorSpecs will be able to show you the original manufacturer’s specification for the searched car, all of the optional extras that were available for that vehicle, the price of each optional extra and the price of the vehicle when new – all from just searching the registration number. The integration also means that vehicle specifications can easily be pushed through to dealers’ websites and online advertisers directly from the DragonDMS.

In addition to the Cap HPI and Experian AutoCheck provenance checks currently available, MotorCheck provenance has also been added to DragonDMS to give dealers access to an even greater range of vehicle information from within the software. Using this new integration, dealers are able to instantly view vital details about the vehicle’s history to aid their buying decisions.

For more information about the MotorSpecs and MotorCheck integration, please contact our Sales team on 01327 222 333 or email sales@dragon2000.co.uk.



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