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MOT Failure Figures Released: Advice for Garages and Workshops

28th November 2018

Six months after the new MOT test rules came into effect, the DVSA has reported that 744,592 cars have since failed the stricter emissions test – more than double the number from the same period last year.

The 2018 figures, recorded between May and November, show that 238,971 diesel cars and 505,721 petrol cars have failed the emissions test since the new rules were introduced. In comparison, just 58,004 diesel cars and 292,468 petrol cars failed in 2017.

The new MOT rules introduced three new categories of fault to grade car defects, which escalate in severity – minor, major, and the most serious – dangerous. Garages and workshops can help to reassure customers and improve trust with their business by using images and videos to demonstrate these faults and their severity.

Technicians inspecting a vehicle using the Dragon2000 APPraise app’s VHC tool can attach images and record videos, which can be sent directly from the DragonDMS to the customer, to highlight work that needs attention. In the case of failed MOT items, these can be clearly demonstrated on a video alongside running commentary from the technician. For example, the technician could explain if the brake discs are ‘significantly’ or ‘obviously worn’, so your customer can see for themselves and understand the issue.

Garages who offer regular free Vehicle Health Checks to their customers can identify emerging issues earlier, which is more cost effective for your customer than facing a big repair bill if undiagnosed issues would result in failing the MOT test.

Keeping in regular contact with your customers, by sending MOT and Service Reminders, helps to keep the relationship going and leaves them less likely to be tempted away by your competitors. DragonDMS can help garages and workshops with text, email and letter reminders that can be easily produced within the CRM module.

The APPraise VHC tool allows workshops to create and perform their own Vehicle Health Checks, seamlessly integrating them into DragonDMS. After the VHC has been completed on a service vehicle, a clear and simple red/amber/green report can be produced in order to highlight any defects found.

In the case of Vehicle Health Check items where the work is not urgent, a visual demonstration of the work that is recommended can help your customers decide whether to have the items carried out or deferred to a later date. This engagement helps to build customer trust, as you advise on safety issues and also create up-selling opportunities.

Making use of mobile technology to help your customers understand issues with their vehicles that need attention not only increases trust between you and your customers, but also improves your profitability.



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