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How Can Lost Used Car Sales Become Future Sales Opportunities?

11th August 2022

Receiving multiple enquiries in response to a vehicle advert is a great sign for used car dealers, although only one potential buyer will end up making the purchase, leaving you with several disappointed prospects ready to look elsewhere.

One way to keep your prospects interested is to offer them a look at your other cars out on the forecourt, however the modern car buyer often knows what type of vehicle they’re looking for when they first contact your dealership, so it’s likely they will instead choose to walk away and continue their search with a competitor if your other stock doesn’t appeal to them.

How Can Lost Used Car Sales Become Future Sales Opportunities

With a comprehensive dealer management system in place, car dealers can turn this situation into a future sales opportunity by recording the prospect’s vehicle of interest along with their contact details, which means you’ll have the essential information ready for a potentially very quick sale when the right vehicle comes along.

The DragonDMS allows dealers to attach the prospect’s desired vehicle requirements to the customer record in your dealer management system, with your sales team able to instantly see stock that matches the exact required make and model as well as similar alternative vehicles in stock that could potentially suit, before letting the prospect leave empty handed.

If presenting your other cars doesn’t result in a sale, you’ll receive a notification of all prospects with matching desired vehicle criteria as future stock records are created within your dealer management system, giving you a reason to pick up the phone and see if the previously enquiring customers are still interested. This can lead to a much quicker stock turn for your dealership, as you’ll be connecting vehicles to customers during the stock creation process before even putting out an advert!

As patterns begin to emerge in the vehicles your prospects are searching for, this information can then be used to influence the stock you source in the future, as you’ll be able to see where the demand is and build your stock accordingly to increase profits.



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