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How Can Car Dealers And Garages Increase Their Online Profits?

16th June 2023

Selling more than just vehicles on your website, such as car parts and accessories, can enable dealers and garages to target an even wider range of customers online and create an extra source of income that is active 24/7, which could lead to a healthy boost in profits.

There are many advantages to using ecommerce on your car dealer website. Firstly, it is a faster and more flexible buying process for your customers, as they are able to see your whole stock range rather than be limited to a traditional showroom/store display if they were visiting a physical location. When you aren’t restricted to just local customers visiting you, this widens your potential customer base and leads to increased sales and upselling opportunities, and automation of the ordering and payment for items is also a huge timesaver for dealers and garages.

General vehicle accessories, specialist items for the motorhome market, motorcycle helmets and protective clothing, cleaning products and even your own company branded merchandise are just some examples of the vast range of items you could be selling directly on your website to increase revenue beyond simply offering vehicles for sale.

Buyer behaviour in the automotive market has undoubtedly changed in the last few years with a huge shift to carrying out many steps of the buying process online, so allowing your customers to order items and pay for them online at any time of the day or night when it’s convenient to them is an important feature to have on modern car dealer websites.

Statistics show that 40% of online shop orders take place outside of normal business hours, which means if you sell any items on your website then almost half of the sales could take place when your dealership or garage is closed, making it essential for any business wishing to improve sales numbers.

How Can Car Dealers And Garages Increase Their Online Profits

The DragonDMS dealer management system has an ecommerce feature that allows dealers and garages to fully manage their own online store, providing their website has been created by Dragon2000. This means there’s no hassle in setting the online shop up and having to log in and out of different platforms to upload, advertise and sell your items online, as the DragonDMS does it all in one place.

There is even an upselling and cross-selling feature in the dealer management system, which means you can target products towards online customers based on items they have already viewed, whether it’s promoting a more premium option or simply highlighting an item that complements what they’re about to purchase.

Customers are able to pay for their products using Dragon2000’s online card payment integration, letting them conveniently make a payment to your dealership or garage from anywhere at any time. This means all you have to do when an item is sold on your ecommerce store is print out the automatically generated invoice from within the DragonDMS and send the item to its destination – it couldn’t be simpler!

If you’re interested in the ecommerce feature and selling products on your website, contact our sales team today on 01327 222 333 or email sales@dragon2000.co.uk for more information.



Dragon2000 have been helping dealers and garages drive their businesses forward since 1995. Contact us to find out how our dealer management system, car dealer websites and mobile apps can help your business increase profits and reduce costs.

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