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Facebook Business Page Verification Tick To Be Removed

21st October 2019

Car dealers with verified Facebook business pages are now set to lose the grey verification tick that’s displayed next to their company name, as Facebook announces plans to remove the icon on the 30th October 2019.

Introduced in 2015, the grey verification tick would indicate whether or not a business page was authentic. The intention for this symbol was that Facebook users could easily discover and interact with business pages without cause for concern. As internet scams continue to grow at an alarming rate, the grey tick acted as a seal of approval for customers to safely visit these Facebook pages.

However, the social media company have recently confirmed the verification tick will now be removed at the end of October, after taking on board user feedback that the icon was more confusing than helpful. Dealers will now have to find other ways to show that their page is genuine, so this is also an ideal opportunity to revisit the benefits of using Facebook to promote your business and convince users that your page is authentic.

Maintaining and regularly adding posts to your Facebook business page is the easiest way to show social media users that your company is legitimate and active. For example, the profile and cover photo should always be up to date, with old logos and dealerships with no signage providing little trust for a suspecting Facebook user. Adding your location, website and enabling reviews are also great ways to gain the trust of anyone looking at your page.

Using the DragonDMS, car dealers can advertise stock on their business page, and also take advantage of our free Facebook Marketplace integration, with any Marketplace enquiries automatically appearing within the dealer management system ready for them to progress.



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