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DragonDMS And Website Customer Expanding Supercar Showroom

19th February 2021

Longstanding Dragon2000 dealer management system and website customer, Romans International, have announced they will be expanding their showroom of supercars later this year.

Romans International have finalised the acquisition of the former TrustFord showroom and MOT Station site next door in Banstead, Surrey, allowing them to now expand on their already impressive location and aim for a summer opening.

Tom Jaconelli, director of the luxury and performance car dealership that was established 27 years ago, described the expansion next door as a “perfect scenario” and revealed plans to “create a big open modern showroom.”

“For the last three or four years, we’ve contemplated numerous different extension plans for our showroom and considered moving to a completely new site altogether”, explained Tom, in a statement yesterday. “But our dream has always been to remain where we are now, so the opportunity to buy the site next door and expand from there is our perfect scenario.”

“Although we are keeping the structure of the existing Ford buildings, we are completely gutting them out with some heavy renovating taking place to create a big open modern showroom. It won’t be physically connected to our existing showroom but it’s going to link together and feel like one site.”

“For us, it’s all about delivering a first class customer experience and creating an environment which presents these special cars in the best way possible. We pride ourselves on being a business with a family friendly feel and dedicated long-serving staff. We want to retain all that personal charm and intimate atmosphere that our clients have become accustomed to, but take it to the next level.”

Tom continued, “Whilst a new customer parking area fitted with electric charging points and a brand new photo studio are some of the additional highlights, the simple fact we will now be able to house all of our supercars inside under cover will be the biggest upgrade.”

Dragon2000 look forward to seeing the new Romans International site taking shape and opening later in 2021.



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