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DragonDMS 2016: Supplementary Invoices

23rd February 2016

Supplementary Invoices – when and how to use them

The ‘Supplementary’ tab within a vehicle record is a new feature in DragonDMS and it lets you create a supplementary invoice for additional items that you sell to a customer after they have already bought their vehicle. It can also be used for the sale of items that cannot be included within the main vehicle sale because of the Single Supply rules (i.e. VAT-able items on a margin vehicle sale and non VAT-able items on a qualifying vehicle sale). A supplementary invoice can only be printed after the main vehicle sales invoice has been printed – the ‘Supplementary’ tab can be found within a vehicle record under the ‘Invoicing’ section.

Clicking the ‘Add Detail’ button will open the ‘Supplementary Invoice Details’ screen shown below and let you add items to the invoice from your existing list of extras (or create new items if required) choosing the appropriate VAT rate.

Once you click ‘Save’ the item will appear on the ‘Supplementary’ screen and you can then print the supplementary invoice as required (providing the main vehicle sales invoice has already been printed):

The ‘Payments’ screen within the vehicle record will show the main vehicle sales invoice and the supplementary invoice as separate amounts, but it will add them together to give you the ‘Balance Due’ figure required from the customer:

You can also use the ‘Sales Report – Supplementary’ to report on each supplementary invoice that you have recorded. This report is found within Reports > Used Vehicle Sales under the ‘Vehicle Sales’ heading.



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