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Dragon2000 Announce Autodata Integration

18th November 2019

Dragon2000 have developed a new integration with Autodata, which is an optional feature allowing DragonDMS users to save time in the workshop by being able to access vehicle specific service and repair times from within their Dealer Management System. Fault codes are also available to DragonDMS users who are using the new Dragon2000 Workshop app.

The introduction of service and repair times to the DragonDMS will give workshops estimated repair times, so technicians know the time frame they are working to. It will also help manage your bookings more efficiently and also create more trust with your customers, who can now quickly receive a specific and reliable estimate for any work to be completed.

The new Autodata integration on offer from Dragon2000 means that fault codes can also be provided within the new Workshop mobile app, which will help to improve the speed in which mechanics diagnose and fix vehicle issues, which can help improve their efficiencies. Fault codes can be entered into the app, which then returns details of any faults, including their likely causes, and this information is also fed back into the DragonDMS.

Dragon2000 Announce Autodata Integration With The Dragondms Dealer Management System



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