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Dragon2000 Research Emphasises the Growing Influence of Sales Videos

22nd May 2017

Recent statistics acquired from Dragon APPraise, the mobile app available at no extra charge to all Dragon2000 customers, shows that personalised sales presentation videos are helping to boost dealers’ sales, as well as proving to be a much more effective method of communication compared to traditional emails.

The study, which looked at those dealers who had been using Dragon APPraise to record and send personalised presentation videos of their stock directly to their prospects’ mobile phones, revealed that there was an average of 13 days from a video being viewed to a sale being completed.

Compared to traditional sales emails, which have an open rate of 30%, the study also discovered that 86% of all personalised sales videos sent via Dragon APPraise were viewed, with the dealer being alerted once this had occurred – an ideal opportunity for them to contact the prospective customer to progress the enquiry.

One dealer who introduced Dragon APPraise into their sales department reported a conversion rate of 63% from enquiry to sale when the app was used to send prospective customers a personalised presentation video as part of the sales process.

With more and more consumers taking to online platforms to carry out their research before purchasing a car, sending prospective customers a comprehensive and high-quality virtual walk-around tour of a vehicle can often firm up their interest before they visit the dealership in person.

As well as helping to shorten the sales process and increase the chance of conversion, video offers a more personalised experience compared to traditional emails, providing sales departments with the opportunity to increase trust and engagement, as well as accurately display the vehicle’s condition.

Dealers using Dragon APPraise, which is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, are provided with their very own branded web page where the video can be viewed, sending prospective customers via a link that has been sent to their mobile.

All videos that are recorded using Dragon APPraise are stored directly within DragonDMS, and if the dealer has a Dragon2000 built Car Dealer Website the video can also be uploaded to the relevant vehicle stock page on their website.



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