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Discover How To Turn Lost Sales Into Future Sales Opportunities

30th July 2020

Dealerships can often find themselves in the situation where a vehicle on the forecourt has attracted multiple enquiries, before a quick sale means that those prospective customers are now left disappointed.

The DragonDMS has a solution to help avoid lost sales, by allowing dealers to add desired vehicles to customer enquiry records. Once this information is provided, any stock vehicles with similarities to a customer’s desired vehicle will be highlighted within the system, allowing an alternative vehicle to be presented.

However, if the customer only has eyes for the desired vehicle and no other make or model, then sales staff will be alerted to their original enquiry if the desired vehicle is ever back in stock, giving the dealership an immediate sales opportunity from what was previously a lost sale.

The desired vehicles feature within the DragonDMS can also be a key indicator for which vehicles are in demand, allowing dealers to source the appropriate stock based on customer enquiries.

By instantly connecting vehicles to customers during the stock upload process, dealerships are able to turn stock at a faster rate and ensure that all enquiries can be turned into future sales opportunities.



For further details on our DragonDMS dealer management system, mobile apps or car dealer websites, please contact our sales team at sales@dragon2000.co.uk or call 01327 222 333.

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