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Development Suggestions

"Software is like a cup of tea, it's all in how you make it."

We welcome feedback and suggestions from our users to help us to constantly improve our dealer management software.

DragonDMS is not a bespoke product. This means that all suggestions must be considered very carefully as any changes we make will apply to every single user of our software, and we want to ensure that our system is flexible and “best practice” driven to help users manage their businesses.

Each suggestion is evaluated by Dragon2000’s highly experienced review team which contains a mix of extensive motor trade backgrounds, technical expertise and process and accounting knowledge.

A suggestion that has been made by multiple users or is of clear benefit to the majority of our 8000+ user base is more likely to be approved than a very specific suggestion from one user.

If approved, the suggestion is added to our development list in order of priority. This list order is reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure the highest priority suggestions and developments are actioned first. The list includes items such as legislative changes, process improvements, and new features as well as user suggestions which vary in priority.

We can’t put a time-scale on approved suggestions on the list at this point, but when the suggestion makes its way to the top of the list and has been scheduled for release, the user will be informed with a time-scale.

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