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Changing Dealer Management System Software?

7th March 2014

Changing Dealer Management System  is always a difficult thing to do, but there are a number of things that you can do in the planning stage before you go live that will make the transition a lot easier

Getting the timing right

There is no right time to change garage software systems, but some times are better than others. You know your business and will know when you are normally very busy, and more importantly when you are not so busy.

Think about staff holidays, and avoid going live on notoriously busy days like the 1st March or the 1st September when the UK vehicle registrations change. Think about your financial reporting periods, you can make your life a lot easier if you start to use Dragon2000 at the beginning of a new financial year or, at the very least, a new VAT quarter. All of the financial transactions for the previous period will remain on the old system, and all new transaction will be held within DragonDMS, your accountant will definitely thank you for this!

Make the most of the free trial period that we give you to use the Vehicle Lookup and Postcode Lookup software. Using these tools when you add your stock vehicles and contacts will speed the whole process up.

Keeping your staff informed

Give your staff a chance to get used to DragonDMS before you go live. You can request a demo version from us, which you can install on a laptop, or any other machine that you will not be using DragonDMS on. Having the demo, will allow your staff to have a go adding new customer / vehicles / parts etc and let them get used to the screens and icons within DragonDMS.



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