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Can Car Dealers Turn Lost Sales Into Future Selling Opportunities?

23rd April 2024

When a vehicle you have listed for sale has proven to be popular amongst potential car buyers, resulting in you receiving multiple sales enquiries, you’re ultimately going to be left with a number of prospects who miss out on making the purchase.

Car dealers could then lose these prospective customers to a competitor when they can’t immediately suggest any alternative vehicles that could also suit their needs, as many are likely to still be in the market to buy a car.

However, if you’re operating your business using a modern and comprehensive dealer management system, your lost sales can become future sales opportunities when you’re able to record the details of the vehicles your prospects are in the market for.

Dragon2000’s dealer management system, DragonDMS, lets car dealers add a prospective customer’s requirements into their database, so if another vehicle is available in stock that fits their criteria, you will instantly be notified of the potential matches and you can re-engage with your potential car buyers. They may have missed out on the initial vehicle they enquired on, but by offering suitable alternative vehicles, you get the opportunity to turn a lost sale into a happy customer, simply because you recorded their vehicle requirements. Your prospect might even find they prefer this vehicle to their original enquiry!

Can Car Dealers Turn Lost Sales Into Future Selling Opportunities

Additionally, when a vehicle is added into stock, if there are any prospects with a saved criteria that matches the new vehicle, then a notification alerts you with the interested prospects’ details, which could potentially lead to a sale.

By recording details of the vehicles your customers are searching for, you can then also use this data to influence the stock you decide to bring into the dealership moving forward, allowing you to match supply and demand, boosting your profits.



If you’re looking for a dealer management system to revolutionise the way you run your business, or you’re an existing user with questions about any of our new features, please contact our sales team on 01327 222 333 or sales@dragon2000.co.uk for more information.

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