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How Dealers Can Maximise Sales As Used Car Finance Market Grows

With recently released figures from the Finance and Leasing Association showing growth in the number of used car vehicles bought on finance, car dealers should be looking to maximise finance sales. Integrated finance features within our websites, dealer management system and sales presentation video app can help.

Why Car Dealers and Garages Should Embrace Integrated Systems

Car dealers and garages using the DragonDMS dealer management system can see great benefits from the many integrations now available from Dragon2000. Reducing the amount of double entry of data is a cost-effective way of efficiently managing your business, and can also help simplify your GDPR compliance.

Dragon2000 Announce Industry-First DMS Finance Integration with Codeweavers

Dragon2000 have partnered with Codeweavers to offer an industry-first finance integration into their dealer management system, DragonDMS. The new feature will allow car dealers to instantly retrieve finance quotes alongside their stock and manage the resulting proposals within one place, saving huge amounts of time jumping from system to system and re-keying important data.

New MOT Rules: How VHCs and Video Can Help Dealers Build Customer Trust

With the updated MOT rules being in force for just over a month, now is an ideal time to build customer trust and provide some transparency, by using videos alongside Vehicle Health Checks, using the VHC features of our free APPraise mobile app.